2020-2021 Tour Event Assurance








As we look into our future tour, it's important to provide our customers with security during these uncertain times. That is why, we are guaranteeing our 2020-21 Tour Events with the following policies and options.

Diligent Safety Measures:

Where we feel it is necessary for the safety of our students, we will provide block competition scheduling, temperature checks at registration, sanitary measures throughout the weekend, limited numbers in dressing rooms, backstage, and class, limited audience, and virtual awards. These are all precautions we will evaluate for each event, and all may not be necessary for our Spring cities. We will inform you 3 weeks before each event what precautions will take place.  

Live Event Assurance:

While we will diligently work and plan for our live events to be held in a safe manner, if an event is shut down due to state restrictions and we go "virtual" for the event, you will be fully refunded within 7 business days at a discounted rate for our virtual convention and competition.  

Late Registration Options:

While we still will hold a discount for our "early bird" registration, we will no longer charge a late fee for those more comfortable registering closer to the event. Space is not guaranteed and will be limited per each event. 



Virtual Options:

For anyone uncomfortable participating in our live events, we will have a virtual option for you to log on and participate in all of our classes. You will also have the option to upload competition entries, and be a part of our competition! We will stream your piece to our judges, and you will be a part of the competition and awards, as well as eligible for all scholarships!

In-Studio Option:

If you feel more comfortable keeping class within your own studio, ICON DANCE can come to you! Email office@icondanceawards.com for more information on how we can bring you a full and exciting in studio workshop with our world renowned faculty. We will provide all travel, classes, Q+A scholarship opportunities, awards, and agency auditions!

Forwarding Credit From 2019-20 Tour:

If your registered city was postponed due to COVID from our 2019-2020 Tour, you may forward your credits to any one of our 2020-21 Dates. July 30 when our 2020-21 registration opens, you will see 100% of your credit available to use on any future city. On top of which, any additional students you register for convention will receive our early bird rate, and their registration may be paid at anytime at your convenience. Contact office@icondanceawards.com for further details. Graduating Seniors are eligible for a full refund from their postponed registration, please contact the office to process.                                                                     


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