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ICØN is thrilled to provide a weekend of high end training and performing for pre-professional dance students, ages 5-19 years old, as well as older students and professionals ages 20-23. We have a 3 day Master Class workshop with ten hours of Classical, Contemporary, and Theatre classes as well as GALA Choreography for our YOUTH I, YOUTH II, JUNIOR, and SENIOR participants. Our Closing Gala, allows every dancer the opportunity to perform in our closing show. We will have select winners and standout soloists perform their respective solos again for our Gala, alongside our world renowned faculty and guest performers. 


Our age divisions are as follows:


Ages 5-7 “First Position”

Ages 8-9 “Youth I”

Ages 10-11 "Youth II"

Ages 12-14 “Junior”

Ages 15-19 “Senior”

Ages 20-23 "Professional"


• A participant’s age for ICØN’s 2024 season is determined strictly as of January 1 that competition year. 

Pas De Deux, Duets, small and large Ensembles: 

Add the age of all dancers and divide it by number of the dancers. Final number should be between 5 and 19.

• Participants may enter the competition as soloists, as part of an ensemble or a Pas De Deux entry, or in any combination thereof. You must be registered with our Workshop Convention in order to compete. 

• Participants may enter the competition either representing a school, as an independent student without a school affiliation, or as an individual dancer with school affiliation. 

• Participants are welcome to register at multiple Semi-Final locations (subject to space availability at each location). 


Competition Categories


  • Classical Ballet category at any regional Semi-Final, dancers are encouraged to select from our Classical Ballet Variation List.

  • Contemporary Pointe/Neoclassical : A contemporary ballet/neoclassical solo performed en pointe OR flat.

  • Contemporary/Open: Contemporary and modern choreography; may be barefoot, or in soft ballet shoes, dance socks, or lyrical footwear.

  • Cultural/Character: An open routine rooted in Cultural and Character dance.

  • Musical Theatre: May encompass Theatre Jazz or Classic Musical Theatre. Shoes may include heels (LaDuca Style) Character, jazz shoes, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: “Youth” age participants, as well as 12 year old Junior participants, are allowed to participate on flat with ribbons, flat en demi-pointe and/or appropriately modify their variations.

  • By the request of the many theater facilities administrations, and in order to comply with fire code regulations and security considerations, a maximum of 2 representatives per school (including teachers and school/studio directors) are allowed backstage - AT OPEN STAGE only! There will be no exceptions. 

  • ICØN reserves the right to make photo and/or video recordings at any time during any ICØN event. This includes, but is not limited to, the recordings of master classes, participants’ rehearsals or performances during the competition, or any activities in the venue lobby or backstage. By participating in ICØN, participants and their parents and/or legal guardians give their express permission for ICØN to make any photo/video recordings at any time. Also, by participating in ICØN, participants and their parents or legal guardians give ICØN their express permission to use any such photo/video recordings (including those containing their name or likeness) for ICØN’s promotional purposes (including any uses in print, online, or in social media).



• When applying, participants’ applications for registration are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will close when a venue has reached its maximum capacity. Any additional applications will be placed on the Waiting List for that venue. If additional spaces become available, applications on the Waiting List will be processed in the order in which they were received. If you are on the Wait List – payment is not required and will not be accepted. 

PLEASE NOTE: placement on the Waiting List does not guarantee registration.

• All updates, including TBD entries, MUST be received no later than by 2PM (Pacific Standard Time, USA) on the WEDNESDAY preceding the competition weekend.
• Deadline for music submission (or music changes) is TWO WEEKS prior to the competition. 



For your convenience, we have two registration options: 


1. Register your dancer and pay your fees in full - this means you are 100% registered, and we look forward to seeing you Spring 2024! If you Register and pay your fees in full by September 1, you will receive 10% off all Convention and Competition Fees. Use code 10OFF by September 1. 

2. Register your dancer, and only pay a $35 registration “deposit” fee (per Dancer) - you can select “partial payment” on our Registration Site when checking out. This means you are secured a spot with our Early Bird Convention Rate, however you will need to complete your Convention payment by November 1, and your Competition Fees 45 days before Event Date to qualify for all our Early registration savings. 

(This $35 is non-refundable, however 100% transferable, to future 2024 Event or future season).
The final competition schedule will only include participants who paid balance completely no later then 45 days before competition date. We unfortunately cannot accommodate any exceptions due to limited space. Early Bird discounts will not be honored after November 1, no exceptions.

If your account is not paid in full in 45 days before the competition date, your registration may be removed at ICØN's discretion. Please check below for the Refunds policy. 


Registration Fees and Refunds


Convention Fees

ICON offers TEN hours of classes and GALA choreography to dancers age 8+. First Position will have FOUR hours. Our GALA choreography and participation is a beautifully unique experience. All dancers will learn choreography from our faculty to perform in our Closing GALA and AWARDS show. First Position dancers will have their own unique end showcase.



“First Position” (5-7 years old) $115 (early) $155 (full)

“Youth I” (8-9) $235 (early) $270 (full)

“Youth II” (9-11) $235 (early) $270 (full)

“Junior” (12-14) $235 (early) $270 (full)

“Senior” (15-19) $235 (early) $270 (full)

"Professional" (20-23) $235 (early) $270 (full)

*LATE FEES of $5/ dancer may be applied at the Discretion of each city. 

Teacher Classes: FREE for all registered studio owners and teachers for 2024 Season. 


Sunday Gala Tickets: $20, purchase onsite during each event. Partial proceeds from the Closing Gala will be donated to charities working to further dance education in at risk communities, and local Dance non-profit companies.


1-Day Convention Rates are rarely available due to limited size. Contact the office email for more information.


*Teacher Registration Includes access to all student classes (where space allows), backstage access, and free entry to our Gala.



*Classical, Contemporary Pointe, Contemporary, Open, or Musical Theatre Solo - $125 for each solo entry

*Classical Full length Pas de Deux (with Coda) - $115 per dancer, per entry 

*Contemporary Pas de Deux - $75 per dancer, per entry

*Duet/Trio - $75 per dancer, per entry

*Small and Large Ensembles (4+ dancers) - $55 per dancer, per entry

*Concert-Length Ensemble (15+ dancers) 10 minutes maximum $85 per dancer

*LATE FEES of $5/ dancer may be applied at the Discretion of each city. 



Full Credit, is applied for the following season or additional city with a doctors note. 

Please communicate to the office as soon as possible if we need to change our competition lineup. Credit is always applied. Full Refunds are not always available due to limited space. Please contact our office with extenuating circumstances.





To participate in ICØN’s Classical Ballet category, participants are strongly encouraged to select a classical variation within the public domain. ICØN rules allow for “Youth” participants’ teachers to make slight changes to the original, classical choreography in order to accommodate a student’s specific technical level.  



All Repertoire that is in public domain may be performed, and is not limited. We allow teachers to make appropriate decisions for their age and ability.

If you have been granted the right to perform a particular variation that is not in public domain, please contact ICØN administration so they may inform your adjudicators.




Solos: Classical Variation, Contemporary Ballet (En Pointe or flat), Contemporary/Open, or Musical Theatre Solo: Maximum 2 min. and 45 sec. (2:45) 


Classical Pas de Deux: Maximum 6 minutes (6:30) (Adagio and Coda only) 

 Contemporary Pas de Deux: Maximum 3 minutes and 30 seconds (3:30)

Duet/Trio: 2-3 members: Maximum 3 minutes and 00 seconds (3:00)

4-9 members: Maximum 5 minutes (5:00) 

10+ members: Maximum 6 minutes (6:00)

CONCERT LENGTH WORK ENSEMBLE (15+ dancers) Maximum 10 minutes (10:00)




• Please note that all props that participants wish to use are used at the participants’ own risk. Icon is not responsible for any injury or incident resulting from a participant’s use of props of their choice.
• Backstage space is often limited, and props may not fit in the allotted space. We ask choreographers to respect this circumstance when making their pieces and limit the use of props to the absolute minimum. 


  • The winners in the Classical Ballet, Contemporary Pointe, and Contemporary/Open Dance categories may be announced 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the judges’ discretion as well as a Top Pas De Deux, Duet/Trio, and Top Overall Ensemble.

  • For all age divisions, Male and Female participants will compete together unless there are more than 10 male participants in that age category. For the purposes of placement male and female participants will combined, but a separate Best Male Dancer award may be presented at the discretion of the jury.

  • An “ICØNIC” award for Youth, Junior, and Senior will be presented to a dancer (both male and female where applicable) who excels in both stage and studio. This student will be given various prizes and possible scholarships. 

  • The ICØN jury reserves the right not to present all of the proposed awards. 



*NEW TO 2024: All adjudication will be digital for your convenience!


  • The scoring system consists of two elements - artistic and technical - and is evaluated on a 100- point system. Each judge’s scores are the average of the technical and artistic marks. The total score is the average of scores given by all judges (there are usually three to four judges at each event), all from different backgrounds. In addition to providing a numerical score for each participant’s performance, judges may offer personal comments on the score sheet, to help guide participants in their training. Scoring is adjusted to students’ individual technical levels.




  • Score sheets will be on your DanceCompGenie portal the Tuesday immediately after the event.



Inclement Weather and Unforeseen Circumstance Policy 

If the ICØN Dance faculty is able to arrive to the host event, the event will go on regardless of the weather conditions. If an extenuating weather or unforeseen circumstance arises (including but not limited to weather, catastrophic event, Venue issues) and ICØN Dance cancels an event in 2023 Spring Season, and it is NOT rescheduled or given a Virtual Option up to 11 months, FULL credits will be issued.  Should an extenuating circumstance arise, please check the website and/or your email address that you registered under for any event updates. 

We encourage you to exercise caution and make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event. Furthermore, no refunds will be given on any ICØN Dance expenses. Please keep an eye on the local and national weather forecasts so that you are prepared for any inclement weather.  In the event of poor conditions, ICØN Dance will put an announcement on our website and social media with an update in the EXTREME case of cancellation.



The use of ANY electronic device for photography and videography is STRICTLY PROHIBITED during all performances as well as in dressing rooms and lavatories. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a point deduction to the act being recorded and/or photographed as well as confiscation of the recordings and/or photographs. It is the responsibility of the Studio Owner/Director to inform their students and parents of the NO Photo/Video rule. All contestants grant permission for ICØN DANCE to use photography and videography of their performances for promotional purposes including advertising, publicity and posting on social media outlets in any capacity. 


BY Registering for our ICØN Dance Event, you agree to all these terms.   

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